amber teething necklace

Amber Teething Necklace are safe for my kid?

Amber teething necklace is not new. It is the oldest remedies that help in alleviating the pain of teething babies. The Baltic amber teething necklace releases healing oils and this gives a soothing feel to the baby and thus is safe for your kid. Your kid does not experience the painful process and this naturopathic solution has entered the body in style, yet remains in the parent’s eye as a method that is seen with a doubtful eye.


The teething problem is not new and is being faced by each child in the growing stages. Babies wearing Baltic amber teething necklace are safe. The baby wearing this necklace does not chew the necklace, thus the risk of choking is ruled out. When worn properly, it has no room to become a choking hazard. Above all, the beads are tied securely and come with detachment clasp if there is an emergency.

Babies find this Teething necklace Baltic amber to be soothing. The reason for this success was found by the European biochemists in the 1930s and 40s. They found the amber beads counteract the electricity showing negative influence and also the release of oil from amber, when absorbed through the skin into the blood stream reduces acidity.


Amber is in use since the ancient Egypt times and its anti-inflammatory and calming qualities are now passed down to new generations.

Safety Points

 Teething necklaces providing great relief for teething children must be ensured it is authentic Baltic amber necklace. It must not be amber sourced from polished material or other areas. The original resembles a natural stone.

  • Safety being a concern, any low quality necklace is easily prone to scratches and also pose choking hazard. Hence parents should buy amber of the highest quality as teething necklaces and ascertain that the Baltic amber is completely natural featuring safe composition.
  • Baltic amber has succinic acid to 3-8%. This is a medical substance that is scientifically examined and is widely used in contemporary medicines. The acid is found in highest content in the amber cortex that is the stones external layer. This succinic acid has a positive influence and it was discovered that this acid is a naturally created amino acid that is in every cell of your body.

Wearing amber necklace protects against the electrical equipments negative influences and this includes microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers and televisions. Amber has chemical properties of the resin that acts as a natural embalming agent and as a disinfectant saving lives.