Coral Gables Office Of Dentistry

Many people actually wonder what a dentist office looks like and also what happens in the office. For some, seeing the odd-shaped mirrors, electrical tools, pointed instruments and other variety of dental tools looks confusing. However, these are what you find in the office of dentist in Coral Gables. It is important to be calm as dental visits are necessary particularly if you want to maintain a healthy, strong, shiny and a perfect smile you desire. Besides, a visit to this office will surely leave you better than you were before you visited.

The Coral Gables dentistry are known to offer a full range of dental services and also one of the major providers of cosmetic dental services in the city. Their services include preventive dentistry, fillings or tooth restoration, dental bridge, root canals therapy, oral cancer examinations, dental implants, bruxism and grinding teeth, procedures, sleep apnea and prophylaxis. Also, being the major providers of cosmetic dental services, they provide such cosmetic services like porcelain crown, s smile make over’s, teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental implants, porcelain veneers and many others.

On arrival at the office of dentistry, your medical history is obtained by the medical staff on duty. This is because, sometimes the state of a person’s health can affect your dental treatment. Therefore, the office requires a written record of former treatment, prescriptions and any other medical information that could affect your treatment. At this point, you will be required to fill out forms detailing any previous dental experience, side effects, pains and any other symptoms you may have. It is important to understand that these procedures are standard for Coral Gables dentists.

There is also a place for a dental hygienist in the office of dentistry. The role is to clean, polish and thoroughly examine your teeth before you see a dentist. The dental hygienist is very well trained to spot problems which can be immediately seen on the teeth. He or she will check your gums, teeth spacing and also check if there is any missing teeth. If nothing can be found, sometimes an x-ray is taken to pick out tiny cavities which may just be at the infant stage.

Once these checks have been done, your teeth brushed and your mouth rinsed, you will now ready to see a coral gables dentist who will double check the hygienist notes, answer your questions and determine if further treatment is needed.