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Five Interesting Facts about Phlebotomy

Starting on a simple note, phlebotomy is the art of drawing blood from patients and a phlebotomist is a person who practices it. It is a nice way to enter the medical field and a great way to start a medical career without spending years in a medical school. There are various reasons to show why becoming a phlebotomist can be considered


  1. The cost of becoming a phlebotomist is less. Phlebotomy schools offer courses that require a few months or even weeks, depending on the course. Another option is to find a doctor willing to offer phlebotomy assistant on the job. There are numerous ways to become a While these may seem like great options, only education opens the door for further opportunities, higher education and very importantly, higher pay. Technical and vocation schools, phlebotomy certification online programs, community colleges and workshops are all available for people interest in phlebotomy. A person with a deep desire to do research in the medical field can take up phlebotomy as well. It is one of the many roles required for medical research.


  1. A phlebotomist salary is quite high for an entry level salary. While no one is saying that a phlebotomist is going to become a millionaire, it provides self sufficiency and valuable work experience. This money can be saved over a span of two or three years and be used for pursuing a higher degree, if interested.
  1. Phlebotomy jobs are increasing recently. A number of doctors, private clinics, hospitals, labs, ambulatory medical centers, blood donation centers and research facilities are hiring people with proper phlebotomy training and this trend is only anticipated to increase.


  1. One thing to be assured of is that a phlebotomy course offers various avenues. A phlebotomist never needs to be harrowed about unemployment as there is always someone in need of a good phlebotomist.


  1. One of the rare advantages a phlebotomist enjoys is related to his work timings. Places that hire a phlebotomist run round the clock and hence, in most places, he can decide on when he would work. A phlebotomist enjoys many options such as day shifts, night shifts, rotating shifts, weekend only shifts, etc. While this may depend mainly on the organization where one works, it is true in most places.

Five Interesting Facts about PhlebotomyThese are some of the many reasons to pick up a career in phlebotomy. While it is an interesting career option, it requires a lot of studying, hard work, dedication and very importantly, absence of fear while seeing blood.